Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


About US

The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose Social Association is a registered non-profit society incorporated in the Province of Alberta under The Societies Act of Alberta.

The society’s mission is to raise funds, through activities by the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose, for charities and other organizations which either provides direct services to the LGBTQ2S+ community of Edmonton or which work to promote an accepting attitude towards the LGBTQ2S+ community as a whole. The ISCWR continues to build bridges to the community at large through ongoing partnerships.

The Society is governed by an Executive Board elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Current Upper House

The 47th Imperial House of they, them, & theirs...fun with flags

Empress XLVII
Vanity Fair

Imperial Crown Princet
Gabe Itch

Imperial Grand Duchess
Winter Rose Eh

Emperor XLVII
Colin Bae

Imperial Crown Prince

Imperial Grand Duchess
Voula Callas

Empress Halves
Kenya DeWitt 
Chris D. Bear 
Jacque Strappe
Satina Loren 

Emperor Halves
Tanner Steele
Hellacious Acres

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Each month the ISCWR has a general meeting to keep everyone informed. Come and learn about our upcoming fundraisers and how to get involved. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. No membership is required!

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