Board Of Directors

Officers of the Board 2022-2023

  • President:Lisa Lunn (Moses Motors)
  • Vice President: Chad Buck
  • Recording Secretary:Cassie Collis (Colin Bae)  
  • Communications Officer: Patrick Benjamin (Tequila Mockingbird)
  • Treasurer: Cody Kotyk (Fannie Pack)
  • Member at Large: Aaron Knox (Wanda Lust)
  • Member at Large: Vienna Doell (Stretcher Hymen)
  • Trustee: Christopher Konoza (Chris D. Bear)
  • Trustee: Kelly Thompson (Charlemagne Champagne)
  • College of Monarchs Representative:David Chimko (Vanity Fair)
  • College President: Quinn Wade (Harry Schnitzel)
  • Minister of ProtocolMyra Maines
  • Coronation 49 Ball CoordinatorMyra Maines