Empress I Millicent Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented to a member of the College of the ISCWR who has contributed 10 or more years of service to the Court.


Kelsey Breeze receiving the 2019 Empress I Millicent Lifetime Achievement Award at Investiture. 

2022 BullDozr
2021 Marni Gras
2020 Myra Maines
2019 Kelsey Breeze
2018 Ivanna Diamonds
2017 BigDaddy Pump
2016 Mia Fellow
2015 LJ Steele
2014 Vanity Fair
2013 GoDiva
2012 Rob Browatzke
2011 Leah Way
2010 Jim McBride
2009 Ron Byers
2008 Ida Claire
2007 Ray St. Claire
2006 Jim Schafer
2005 Horst
2004 Mr. Twiggy
2003 Gretchen Wilder
2002 Beverly Crest
2001 Chatty Cathy Jackson
2000 Marsha Black
1999 Tony Janson
1998 Mother Jean Lawson

2019Mister: Mac U More| Miss: Indecisive
2018Mister: Noah Kant DeWitt
2017Mister: Poppa Cherry | Miss: Lady Tenderflake
2016Mister: Dyxson Kuntz | Miss: GiGi Gaynor
2015Mister: Dixon Cider | Miss: Hollywood SexDrive 
2013Lola Lamore
2012Victoria Park
2011Marsha Mallow
2010Ruby Slippah
2009Dayzi Chayne
2007Ivanna Diamonds
2006Kelsey Breeze / Vanity Fair
2005Dee Luv
2003Elise She Showedup
2002Vanity Fair