Mother Jean Lawson Memorial Award

The Mother Jean Award was created by their majesties Emperor and Empress XXX Lloyd and Leah in honor of Empress X Mother Jean’s Double Decade. The award is presented each year to an ally of the ISCWR whose service and dedication to the court has been outstanding.


Darla Schick Woodley after receiving the Mother Jean Lawson Memorial Award at Coronation 44.

2023 Finn LaRue
2022 Terry Soetart
2021 Matt Phillips
2020 Talayna Ekelund
2019 Darla Schick Woodley
2018 Christina Fedorak
2017 Christy Heely
2016 Joyce LaBriola
2015 Shauna Forsyth
2014 Gwen & Don Schilling
2013 Lori Uhryn
2012 Muffy
2011 Michelle Pederson
2010 Laurie Blakeman
2009 Kari Sorensen
2008 Robin Gates
2006 Laurina Panas & Ryan Wardrope