The President’s Award is presented to the member of the Association, outside of the Upper House, who has made an outstanding contribution to the good of the association in the immediately preceding year.

The recipient is selected by the President.


David Campbell (Ivy League) receiving the President’s Award at Coronation 44.

2023 Dan Löf
2022 none
2021 none
2020 Tosheena Thompson
2019 David Campbell
2018 Shauna Forsyth
2017 Tosheena Thompson
2016 none
2015 Rob Browatzke
2014 Larissa Russell
2013 Kim Pizzey
2012 TJ Alexander
2011 Michael Connolly
2010 Rick Dennis & Bob Contant
2009 Jeff Park & Brian Baker
2008 Ian Crichton
2007 Cory Anderson
2006 LJ Steele, GoDiva, Mara
2005 Rob Browatzke
2004 Ryan Wardrope
2003 David Taylor