Rising Star Lj Steele Memorial Award

In recognition of Queen Mother of the Americas, Nicole the Great, proclaiming 2011 being the “Year of the Youth”, the Rising Star Youth Award, created by the 35th Elected Emperor and Empress Lj Steele and Dee Luv, is presented annually to a youth member of the ISCWR who is between the ages of 15-30 years old. Selected by the current monarchs, the award recognizes an individual whom the monarchs believe has “star” qualities, be it through volunteering or performing in some aspect, while upholding the integrity of the organization.


Rising Star LJ Steele Memorial Award 2019 recipient Noah Kant DeWitt.

2023 Tilda WorldEnds
2022 Tia DeVil
2021 none
2020 Indecisive
2019 Noah Kant DeWitt
2018 Jesse Cann DeWitt
2017 Angelo Mercy
2016 Kenya DeWitt
2015 Mel Trixx
2014 Hollywood SexDrive
2013 Bianca Lovegood
2012 Prince Charmin
2011 Clara T and Stiffy Steele