Ultima Titles

The title “Ultima” is a special honor bestowed on individuals who have made remarkable contributions to court life. The recipients must be approved by both the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose (Edmonton) and the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Chinook Arch (Calgary) and their titles are considered lifetime titles and part of both courts.


Imperial Godfather Ultima of all AlbertaClint (Calgary)
Imperial Grand Mama Ultima of all AlbertaTina (Vancouver)
Her Most Imperial Godmother Ultima of all AlbertaRay St. Clarie (Edmonton)
Imperial Crown Prince Ultima of all AlbertaMichael Kurylo (Edmonton)
Imperial Bitch Supreme Ultima of all AlbertaErnestine (Calgary)
Sister Empress Ultima of all AlbertaDawn Valley Parkway (Toronto)
Diamond Stardust Ultima of all AlbertaSyretta Santana (Calgary)
The Ultimate Legend in her Own Lunchtime of All AlbertaTwiggy (Edmonton)
Master of Ceremonies Ultima of All AlbertaRon Byers (Edmonton)
The Triple Crowned Piper Pig Ultima of all AlbertaDavid Atchison (Calgary)
The Hospitality Empress Ultima of all AlbertaJoanne Bitler (Regina)
Guardian Angel Ultima of all AlbertaDebbie (Calgary)
Guardian Wild Party Child Ultima of all AlbertaMr. Vera (Edmonton)
Lady of Elegance and Grace Ultima of all AlbertaNatalie Santana (Calgary)
Choreographer UltimaGarry (Edmonton)
Her Most Gracious Ultima Calgary’s Christmas Diva Empress
and Edmonton’s Ultimate Half Empress
Mz. Rhonda (Calgary)
Unity Empress Ultima of all AlbertaLeah Way (Edmonton)
Entertainer of all Tyme Ultima of all AlbertaJustyne Tyme (Calgary)
The Ever Ready All Faithful Ambassador of Class Ultima of all AlbertaLonnie (Calgary)
The Pom Pom Cheerleader Empress of All AlbertaMarni Gras (Edmonton)
Glitz and Glam Diva Ultima of AlbertaDyna Myte (Calgary)
Master of Sound and Light UltimaScott Brier (Calgary)
The Luv of the People UltimaDee Luv (Edmonton)
Organizer Extraordinare UltimaIvanna Diamonds (Edmonton)
Sambuca Queen Ultima of All AlbertaRoxy Ricochet (Calgary)
The Ultimate Inaugural Princess and Entertainer, Matriarch of All AlbertaMr. Chatty Cathy Jackson
The Silver Tongue with a Heart of Gold, Host with the Most, Ultima of All AlbertaRob Browatzke (Edmonton)
Red Ribbon Eminence of Fundraising Ultima of all Alberta,Dion Boink (Calgary)
Volunteer Ultima Extraordinaire of all AlbertaFred Wolf-Would (Calgary)
The Queen of Hearts UltimaVanity Fair (Edmonton)
Tale of Two Cities UltimaBull Dozr (Edmonton & Calgary)